The 1895 Tradesmans Association Cup

In 1895 the Ravensthorpe Tradesmans Association gave the Handicap Challenge Trophy to the club for annual competition.

It was originally competed for in a 5 mile track event, the first event being held at the Saville Town Cricket Field.                                                                                                                                                        The following year the race was held at the cinder track in Ravensthorpe, where it was run until the track closed down in 1905

During the lifetime of the track at Ravensthorpe, (built and owned by Smithsons Chemical Co.) The club organised many meetings for charity and attendances of around 3000 testify to the popularity of RCC promotions

From 1909 the cup has been used for the 25mile tt handicap trophy.

All races up to and including the 1914 event were held on a Saturday afternoon, on the Heath Common – Red House course.

Since the resumption of racing in 1921, the event has been held on a Sunday morning. There was a break in 1925/26 owing to insufficient interest for racing amongst members and again in 1937.

Due to the second world war, the trophy wasn’t contested between 1939 and 1948 and in 1950 there was a record entry of 32 club members, which also produced a club record.

tradesmans cup